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Fearless Ventures supports the world's best entrepreneurs
to become highly-effective, conscious leaders
and build businesses for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Fearless Ventures is a venture capital firm committed to helping the world's best entrepreneurs become conscious leaders and build businesses for the benefit of all stakeholders. Fearless Ventures was founded by Seth Miller (10-year impact VC) and Dave Kashen (CEO coach to over 100  entrepreneurs and founder of 2 successful startups). Our personal mission is to spread light and love.


We invest in the world's most promising startups and provide founders and their teams with the leadership coaching and training they need to become highly-effective, conscious leaders that run their businesses from a place of love and vision rather than fear and ego. We take them through a process to identify their key stakeholders and build systems, programs and processes to align incentives and create win-for-all outcomes.


Our mission is to create a healthier, happier and more sustainable world by empowering the business leaders of tomorrow to become conscious leaders and build extraordinary, stakeholder-driven businesses.


Our values are: 


Win for all


Trust & Candor





Fearless Ventures is a venture capital fund committed to delivering top tier financial returns by supporting the world’s best entrepreneurs in becoming conscious leaders and building companies that create value for all stakeholders.

As part of our investment, we provide:

  • subsidized 1-on-1 CEO coaching

  • 2-day intensive conscious leadership training

  • ongoing monthly 1/2-day sessions to integrate the principles of conscious leadership into the company's culture, leadership behaviors and core operating systems

  • stakeholder mapping process and ongoing consulting to identify key stakeholders and support the company to create win-for-all outcomes

  • support for the founders' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

Companies that create a positive future for every stakeholder build real lasting value for themselves, and humanity - and they get rewarded for it. These companies leverage more from their full ecosystem, innovate faster, execute more efficiently, and attract top talent. As a result, they outperform their traditional counterparts.

Founders/CEOs are eager for the playbook, support and permission to operate this way - and we bridge the gap between knowledge and action, from the board level down to the operating level. Our training supports CEOs and their teams to lead with empathy and vision, not fear and ego. We help implement specific programs to create stakeholder value, tie these to board level KPIs, and align incentives (bonus, etc.). We stand for them to stay true to their values at the board level. It is not only possible for business to be a positive force for people and the planet; it is the fastest, most effective way to grow exponential economic value. We see a world where all businesses operate for the benefit of all stakeholders.​


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